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NEW YORK, NY 10010

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Treatment Methods

After a thorough Chiropractic examination, Dr. Cruz will utilize a unique combination of treatment methods to rebalance the body & restore optimal neuromuscular health.

Muscle Work
Through a combination of treatment styles, Dr. Cruz will release muscle spasm and knots contributing to your complaint, allowing for increased joint mobility & decreased pain. Dr. Cruz will discuss with you which techniques would be best suited for you prior to your treatment.

Techniques Utilized:
Instrument Assisted
Trigger point therapy
Percussive Therapy
Heat Therapy

Chiropractic Adjustments
After a thorough Chiropractic evaluation & muscle work, joints of the body that are not moving at their full capability are gently adjusted to restore lost motion. This process will be gently performed in a hands on style by Dr. Cruz or through an adjusting tool.

Corrective Exercise & Stretches
At the end of your treatment, Dr. Cruz will go over customized corrective exercises & stretches to help maintain all of the benefits of your session.