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She was so friendly and professional. I look forward to the rest of my visits with her! If you have TMJ pain I recommend you see her.

Katalina G.

She is so nice, and very helpful.

Rosailyn R.

Great atmosphere. She was attentive and gentle and made sure to give me tips to also take care of myself at home. Highly recommend.

Lyam L.

She was really knowledgeable and made me feel super comfortable. Her adjustment gave me a lot of relief, and I can't wait to go back!

Aashini S.

It was my first time visit and it was great. Dr. Cruz was very informative, helpful and very kind. She made me feel comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

Julie D.

Dr. Cruz will instantly put you at ease in her Flatiron office. She spends a lot of time with you in the session and does more soft tissue work than other chiropractors I've gone to! The adjustments effective and you feel taken care of at the same time. I have her focus on my jaw and neck issues. Highly recommended.

Sarah Sajdak

I had my first Chiropractor visit with Dr. Cruz. Dr. Cruz is absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable in her craft. She has great bedside manners that will make you feel comfortable before any type of chiropractic adjustment. I walked out feeling brand new after one session. I will be going back soon.


Dr. Cruz was amazing, friendly, professional, knowledgeable. She took such good care of me and the treatment she gave me was amazing. I will be going back for sure.

Daniel M.

Ashley was so incredible; very knowledgeable, caring and professional! I’m a personal trainer and definitely plan to refer clients to her, as well as continue to see her myself.

Alison M.

Dr. Cruz is great! She is the first chiropractor to help me understand what I need to do to stay feeling good. The plan she put in place to fix my shoulder and back worked perfectly. Every session was beneficial and after each I felt my range of motion increasing. I am now almost done with the treatment and completely pain free. Thanks Doc.

Nicolas T.

Ashley is so friendly, caring and informative. I've been seeing her for over a month since I had frequent back and neck pain and she has helped significantly. She created a realistic treatment plan for me. I'm feeling much better and look forward to my sessions.

Rachel D.

Dr. Cruz is wonderful, incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful in her approach to helping people. I've had pain in my shoulders and neck for years and she is the first chiropractor to help alleviate the pain and to teach me how to to prevent it in the future.

Gabrielle B.

Dr Cruz is warm and professional. I'm skeptical of chiropractors and I told her so, she was very gentle and clear before she did any adjustments. I had a swollen and painful joint and found immediate relief after 1-2 treatments. I would definitely recommend her. She has you fill out quite a lot of paperwork even if you submit forms through Zocdoc.

Sarah P.

Dr. Cruz is professional, kind, and attentive. She listened clearly to me when I was describing my pain, and she was able to locate the areas that needed relief. Additionally, she explained which exact muscles were affected as well as a clear plan to achieve my goals in fixing my back and hips areas. That being said, I trust her which is the most important thing, and I highly recommend anyone that needs help with back issues. Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

John Cella

I have been seeing Dr. Ashley Cruz for a couple of months and if there is one thing you should know is that you are in good hands with her! She is so passionate about her job and it always makes my day when I see how empathetic and caring she is about my problems. Whatever issue you have, Dr. Cruz will do her best to not only ease the pain or discomfort, she will also teach you about your case and she will show you so many ways you can help yourself every day. I will continue to see Dr. Cruz for as long as I can!

Emma M.

Such a WONDERFUL visit. I am always very wary and uncomfortable in any type of healthcare setting, but I was immediately put at ease with Dr. Cruz! Not to mention that I left feeling like an entirely new person, have now set up a treatment plan. Highly recommend!!

Shelby S.

Dr. Cruz was soooo knowledgable in her work and in finding what may or may not be wrong with me. Friendly, bubbly, and full of life. From our first visit I could tell she really cares for the well being of her patients.She really wants you to understand the ways in which you can feel better and for your body to heal. The exercises that she recommends are simple and have worked so far in helping my back pain feel better and  allowing me to manage it. The office itself is small, but homely.

Bodeline D.

Dr. Cruz is awesome! I've been seeing her for a few months now - I showed up for some mid-back pain that turned out to be an out-of-whack rib; now I see her for some chronic pain I had pretty much given up on living without. After a few weeks, my neck is levels of magnitude better - I no longer feel pain radiating into my arms, and I can actually get my hair washed at the salon without extreme discomfort! TLDR; she's got great advice, has taught me a lot about the muscles in my body and how they interact, and (most importantly) has helped alleviate some really stubborn pain I've had for years and years.

Anna R.

I have been seeing Ashley Cruz for a few months now and she is absolutely amazing! She has helped me with my neck and back pain tremendously. I feel like a new person. She is so caring, friendly, welcoming and clearly enjoys her work. I highly recommend her!

Rachel D.

I have been deeply impressed with my experience of Dr. Cruz. She is skilled, compassionate and a clear communicator. When I began treatment with her I had tingling and numbness in my feet, regular headaches, and muscle spasms in my lower back. After about a month of regular appointments, I feel significantly better and healthier. I highly recommend coming to see Dr. Cruz for a session!

Nick N.

I just stepped oht of my second visit and I had to write this review. I dont know what magic she does, but she definately knows what shes doing. Great atmosphere makes you feel very comfortable and her concern for your well being is beyond words .. I have not been able to sleep well in 3 years- when I say well I need to get a massage on my back till I knock out and even so I would wake up every now and then in between before morning ... Just after my first visit my back feels so AMAZING, words cant justify how I slept that night and keep sleeping now . I am definately satisfied with choose Ashley. I live in brooklyn and work in UPS in manhattan .. My job consist of repetition of lifting and lowering .. Thanks to Ashley I am so comfortable at work and home .. Thank you thank you.. If you are reading this and are not too sure which chiro to choose.. Trust me you wont be dissapointed, not even a pinch( no pun intended )..

Abdias R.

Dr. Cruz is the whole package. She’s extremely knowledgeable about not only chiropractic, but other therapeutic techniques as well, and is able to combine them in ways that really work - even for my own really complex set of injuries. She takes the time to explain what’s happening both with your body and with what she plans to do, and she’s friendly too. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Holly M.

Ashley Cruz is always a pleasure to visit. I never had to wait when I'm on time, she sets a relaxing atmosphere, emphasizes which treatments to use at home, never makes you feel bad if you weren't able to do any home treatment, and does an amazing job adjusting. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth N.

This was the first time I went to a chiropractor and I really loved my experience here! She helped understand my issues and then even gave me an adjustment and I immediately feel better. I'm excited to continue to go back to her and see my pains go away and become more managable!

Angel X.

She was so sweet and helpful, as was the receptionist. I was very pleased with the help and support I received at each step in the process, and felt very heard and respected. Great chiropractor who was recommended to me and who I will absolutely recommend to others.

Jonathan M.

I found Dr. Cruz based on reading other people's reviews on ZocDoc and she lived up to everything that I read. It was a wonderful visit. I arrived early and the receptionist was super helpful and friendly with the registration forms and Dr. Cruz came out for a minute to introduce herself and was super personable. Once my appointment started, we had a consultation and then during the appointment she explained everything she was doing and why. Super helpful. In addition, she gave follow up information. Highly recommend.

Brittany B.

I walked in to this initial appointment with discomfort and also apprehension: what if we only spend time talking about the ways to fix the pain, but we don't do anything about it today? My apprehension quickly evaporated though and the pain was relieved shortly after too. Dr. Cruz greeted me herself when I walked through the door, and after a short conversation, the treatment started. By the time I left, I was feeling vastly different. My colleagues commented that I looked like I was floating on a cloud when I reentered the office. Best decision ever was booking an appointment w/ Dr. Cruz.

Christine W.

Dr. Cruz is amazing, caring, smart, and kind. I have a few muscular issues and for years I have been seeing doctors and physical therapists who all made the problems worse. I am finally getting the treatments my body needs. I am so thankful 

Deirdre S.